Are the project titles clear and relevant documents/legal opinions available?

Yes, every " A Victory Home" project has clear and relevant documents/legal available. Please visit our site office for project specific details of documents/legal opinions.

Is the project approved?

Answer: Yes, all are projects are approved and adhere to rules and regulations of the local governing agencies.

What are the additional/statutory charges to be paid?

Answer: Registration charges, stamp duty, katha, corpus fund and maintenance charges of the property.

Will the entire project be launched in single phase?

Answer: Depending on the project size, the launch phases are decided.

Do you arrange for the site visits?

Answer: Yes, we arrange for site visits as per your convenience.

Do the projects have provision for drinking water?

Answer: Yes, all " A Victory Home" projects have necessary arrangements to provide drinking water to its residents.

What should a purchaser keep in mind while purchasing a residential flat?

Some important points to keep in mind while buying the flat:
Locality – Proximity to workplace, educational institutions, hospitals, shopping areas, entertainment centres, transportation, pollution levels.
Quoted area of the flat i.e. Carpet, Built Up Area and super Built Up Area
Car parking space
Quality of construction
Reputation of the builder or seller
Sufficient water and electric supply, other utilities
Cost components: price, stamp duty, registration charges, transfer fees, maintenance charges, any other payments
Appreciation of the property for resale and rental.
Any other distinguishing features or advantages of the property

On what basis is the amount of the home loan decided? or on what basis a capacity of a person to repay the loan is evaluated ?

The amount of the loan for each individual depends on the following factors:-
An Indian resident or NRI
The income of the family applying for the loan.
Above 21 years of the age at the commencement of the loan.
Below 65 years when loan matures.
Number of dependants.
Assets and liabilities.
Either salaried or self employed

What are the types of loans available depending on the interest charged?

Most Housing Finance Companies offer the fixed rate as well as the adjustable rate (Variable – Floating rate) home loan to customers
Fixed rate: where the rate of interest charged by the HFC on the loan is constant over the tenure of the loan.
Variable rate: Commonly known as Floating Rate, where the rate of interest charged by the HFC on the loan keeps changing with respect to the rates in the market over the tenure of the loan.

What is an EMI?

Equated Monthly Installments, is the amount payable to the Housing Finance Institution every month, till the loan is paid back in full, comprising of portion of interest and principal. EMI is to be paid every month through post dated cheques or through direct deductions from the salary.

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